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​LaShae Johnson is the author of Finding Serenity, Volume 1.
She is planning several volumes to be released pertaining to the journey of Kayla Jones.
Finding Serenity tells the story of Kayla, a young lady that comes from a religious upbringing. Her lifestyle leaves much to be desired when an innocent choice seals her fate.

LaShae is also the CEO of Endless Opportunities, an organization that works with at risk youth.
Finding Serenity, Volume 2 will be released Fall of 2012.
Inspiring words from the author...
Crying at night thinking life isn‟t fair
Not feeling loved, feeling like no one cares
Dark clouds cover my bright sky
Praying to God, asking him, “Why?”
“Why can‟t I see clear, what have I done?
Please remove these dark clouds away from my sun.”
And one day, an Angel appeared
I praised God as I burst into tears
This Angel stood by me and showed me the light
Guided me through the day and laid me to rest at night
I‟m here to tell you even how complicated life may be
If you stand by God, you will greatly succeed.
LaShae Johnson

Copyright 2013 Nu Cherte Publishing. 

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