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     Loretta R. Walls has been writing since the age of thirteen and was inspired after reading Secrets by Danielle Steel. Throughout her teen years, she completed over a dozen books for personal enjoyment.  Her debut novel, Spices of Life was released in 2005.


     An innovative thinker, Loretta enjoys taking her audience to places most dream of visiting and all the while, making her readers feel as if they are among it all.  The author enjoys taking risks with her creativity, always striving for a new level of interest with her characters she places in the forefront. 
    Loretta also writes under the pen name, Embue. 


    The author lives in the Richmond, Virginia area.
     When it comes to writing a story,  The Princess of Original Urban Romance is like no other.  



                AVAILABLE NOW:   AFTER HOURS
 The Benton and Childress families weren't always at odds. It only took building separate empires in the after hours entertainment world to make that happen.
Tiara-Tantiana Benton has found true love in her childhood sweetheart, Marcelo Childress. The happy couple is ready to head into marriage -- or are they? Having your partner as the competition could test their love and loyalty to one another.
Visit Havre de Grace, Maryland and discover why love, lust and lies could lead one into the After Hours.
  Signed Paperbacks: $10.00
  E-book: $5.99

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