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In The Midst Of It All...


With the holidays upon us, how do you handle it all? The pressures of Christmas shopping, holiday parties, spending money that you may not have planned on spending, I mean really, when is enough truly enough in our world? Sure, we want our families to have that beaming smile when Christmas Day arrives, but at what cost?

How do you keep your balance in the midst of it all? Doesn't it seem like time goes by much faster than it used to and the weeks slip by even quicker now?


Here's my advice on it all: Make. Time. For. Yourself.

I know that sounds really contrite with tons of activities going on that surround your life, but you need to do this. Take your lunch hour and disconnect from reality with some peace and quiet. Get away from your desk and go take a walk. Listen to some music in your vehicle. Anything that will recharge the focus on yourself helps. Once the hustle and bustle of the season is over, schedule a day off for yourself. Just a 'me' day to relax and regroup. Taking yourself out of the usual equation can be the pick me up you need to recharge your battery from the inside out. Go get your mani/pedi done. Go see a matinee. Go read at your local Barnes and Noble with a latte if that's what you like to do. Or shoot, just stay home and put your feet up.


It's fine to take care of the family but remember to take good care of yourself in the interim of living. Love you for you so others can love you too. Until next time...

Stay Exposed,

Loretta R. Walls

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