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What 2017 Has Shown Us...

Well, well, Beautiful Ones, as I return to the world of blogging to stay faithfully engaged with you all outside of social media, I can truly say this year has shown me a lot of things.

For starters, patience is one of them. Lack of, the gaining of some and expansion in places I never thought they'd be exercised. From my personal and professional life, patience can come in waves and spurts, depending on the moment.

Politics: Usually a taboo subject but not here with me. In a nutshell, let's just say my blood pressure rises and falls when I watch Meet The Press on a regular basis. Keep praying for us as a nation to make better choices.

Mother Nature: Can be very kind or super cruel. From leveling homes, destroying islands and such, we do know how to unite for the greater good.

Attitude adjustments: Many of us have figured out that we cannot control what others think or decide to believe. We've gone about our business and created our own dreams, making them come true on sacrifices, blood, sweat and tears. The understanding is that we know life is not promised and we need to THRIVE with the time we are provided by grace and mercy.

Social Media: It absorbs a lot of our time, regardless of the format. Ensure you get out and be social. We still need to feel and see people in our travels.

Going into 2018, if you desire to do something, do it. Waiting only ruins the window of time allotted from God to enjoy whatever it is you wish to do. Stop hesitating , make a plan, keep it to yourself and execute! To achieve goals and not be drained by others negative vibes, silence is the key.

Whatever was, is done. Be you--now. Happy New Year, smash your goals and do not look back until you achieve everything you desire!

Rule YOUR year!

-- LRW


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