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Blazing Your Own Path

Welcome to another edition of Exposed: The Blog World of NCP!

Today's blog will highlight the specific vision of blazing your own path.

Over the past few weeks, I've been paying particular attention to how sales are flowing with my works on Amazon, Barnes and Noble for specifically e-books. With fourteen titles out, (yes, I've been around since 2005) it's no surprise that you'll have quarters that are strong (upon new releases, promotions, etc.) and some that fall flat (writing between novels, lack of promotion, etc.) those points are a given. What I want to dig deep into today is the financial and convenience points of selling your final work through these outlets.

From the start, you're agreeing to give up a percentage of your works for the non-maintenance features provided via downloads on Amazon/BN. Yes, you have to pay to play but, are you seeing the profitability in your bank account? Are the returns dinging your sales more due to some readers playing the "get a credit after I read it within the seven day window" game? Oh, you thought that wasn't a major factor? Of course it is. Instead of playing such a game, I'd prefer a reader inbox me privately and say they can't afford it and I give it to you, than play such a costly game. Amazon needs to crack down on that, too. Take a couple of hours and calcuate over the past year how much money you've lost due to those people and I'm sure you could've used those funds elsewhere to build your businesses. It's real--don't disregard it.

Moving on, I like to bring a solution to the controversy when I write on such thought-provoking subjects. Many authors and publishing companies have websites in place. Have you considered selling your works exclusively through them? If Amazon/BN crashed today, how would you get your works out to the readers? Brick and mortar stores have dwindled by the wayside over the past ten years; what would you do? Social media isn't the end all to be all, but accessibility is essential in this day and age.

My next full length novel as Embue titled "4.0 Club" will be my test to see if loyal readers will follow me into the next phase of my business plan. The novel will be sold exclusively through my website; I'm taking other factors out of the equation. Downloading the novel will be in place for their convenience or paperback purchases, should they so desire the traditional option.

I give high praise to fellow author David L for raising the subject a few weeks back. I hear you my brother, as do others. Let's see what 2015 will bring.

The only way to change things is to adjust what's not working. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the subject. You may educate others in the process as they endure the journey of becoming a published author and those that are well-established.

Until next time...

Stay Exposed!

Loretta R. Walls

Author and CEO, Nu Cherte Publishing

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