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Book Review: A Lassiter Christmas by Iris Bolling

When your last name is Lassiter, it comes with a responsiblity of family, love, togetherness and most importantly, legacy. Pearl Ann Lassiter was fully aware of the task at hand, and yet, she held an internal badge of shame no one could erase.

One unusual meeting in a hospital parking lot sparked a flame of curiosity for Pearl and Dr. Theodore Prentiss. Too much alike and yet, so far apart, time and chance wield their hands into their lives.

Award winning author Iris Bolling took a segment from her renowned saga "The Heart Series" and brought her loyal readers back for wonderful memories. Not only did she take us on a mini trip, she answered a few questions in the midst of one pivotal character (which is a favorite of mine) and shall remain nameless. Once you read the story, my previous statement will make perfect sense.

Known for weaving romantic love stories, Bolling takes the reader into a deeper realm this go round; touching on color boundaries, social statuses and other topics, one will want to get the real meaning embedded smartly in this story. The editing is sharp, characters sparkle throughout the pages and as for the feelings developed...well, you'll have to select those for yourself.

Setting herself apart from the usual, this short story is in e-book format only and exclusively sold on her website as a show of homage to her loyal following. This is definitely a refreshing story to read over this holiday season and year round. Please do yourself a favor and order it today:

5 Star Reading!

Until the next time, stay exposed!

Loretta R. Walls

CEO, Nu Cherte Publishing

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