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Stand Alone Full-Length Novels vs Series: Where Do We Stand in 2015?

With 2015 in full swing, the authors have closed out last year and are in hibernation working on their next masterpieces. Nothing new, but when the grumblings of change are beginning to surface from the readers that love them, one has to wonder if their voiced social media posts will get any feedback.

Feedback you say? On what are there grumblings about?

Well, some are tired of the series that seem to be endless. Others wonder why the author allows certain stories to be stretched out beyond a definitive ending. What about the ones that seem to create farfetched deaths with the resurrection of certain characters at a later time?

Now, this is not to say that one cannot be creative; it is welcomed, however, when does the author truly draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough! Every secondary character cannot have the spotlight, they are secondary for a reason. Spinoffs are being penned in a lazy manner, hence keeping some potiential readers stuck on the favorite ones they've been loyal to for years.

If your readers love what you do, then do what you but if not...reconsider your stance in this business. It may be time to just go back to the basics and pen a story with your cast of characters that can stand on its own. No continuations, no contrived subplots to disenchant your reader base. Some of us want to linger in a world but then again, others just want to enjoy the moment page by page and walk away with whatever the author intended for us to percieve.

Until next time, stay exposed!

Loretta R. Walls

CEO, Nu Cherte Publishing

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