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Naughty Or Nice Contest

Welcome to Exposed! The Blog World of NCP. Here, we will share topics of interest that will run the gamut from politics to the literary world and beyond. You can let your hair down and not worry about being judged for your opinions, strong or not so much. Let's start this debut off with the proper bang it deserves. My dear friend, LaSheera Lee is hosting a Holiday blog tour and in conjunction, the "Naughty or Nice" blog is for the reader at heart! Check out the blogs from December 1-15th, read the passages and decide if it's naughty or nice. A winner will be picked daily at 10pm randomly. The winner will receive a prize of a gift card or e-book valued up to $5.00. How's that to get your reading underway this holiday? Well, you can slide into the military life for a moment with my excerpt from the Heroes Anthology with Majors Jayce Murphy and Miriyanda "Miri" Williams in "Perfect Respect."

Colonel Quinne ordered around the clock coverage on the area their units would be infiltrating. Jayce and Miri were up for the first night shift; they relieved the remaining staff. Even the Colonel tried to hang with them, but he was of no use. With minimal activity going on, Jayce finally convinced him to turn in and get some rest. He promised to take care of HQ and all it contained.

Once he left, Jayce did a walk through and secured their area. “Everything is locked down,” he confirmed, taking a seat next to Miri at the command station. “We can chill now.”

“No, we cannot do that,” Miri said standing up to stretch. “Did you see how long it took for Colonel Quinne to leave? We have to stay focused on the mission.”

Jayce admired her professionalism, even in the late hours but his mind wanted to explore other options. He didn’t care that a war was taking place a hundred miles away. The battle he was fighting took precedence in places that required her attention. “Miriyanda, we are in the middle of a desert that belongs to another country. We’re waiting for blips on screens, not knowing when it will occur. Have a seat.”

She was determined to argue. “Sir, I don’t know if—”

“My name is Jayce until zero seven-thirty hours and that is an order,” he said, waiting for her to concede. “Come sit.”

Miri decided to keep her mouth shut and had a seat in the high back leather chair belonging to the Colonel. The seat felt like heaven against her back. She’d spent most of her day standing over SGT Bellows providing detailed information. The soldier was good at her job; Miri sharpened her skill set.

Jayce watched Miri get comfortable as a soft moan escaped her lips. He bent down and gave the chair a gentle turn so her boots tapped his as a stopping point. The view of the four flat screen monitors was now gone from her view—he had her full attention.

Miri didn’t know what to expect from Jayce. He had her curious, excited and nervous all at the same time. Suddenly, she felt her legs being lifted; they landed in his lap.

The look of concern upon Miri’s pretty face didn’t escape Jayce. That had to be eliminated—immediately. “I want you to relax, Miriyanda. One of the benefits in my field is surveillance.” He untied her boots and removed them. Next went the ankle straps that bloused her pants perfectly. “Tell me what makes Miriyanda smile.” He continued in his mission by massaging her left foot.

“What makes me smile?” she asked ruefully. It wasn’t that Miri didn’t want to answer the question. Jayce’s magical skills had her body coming alive. “A good joke, long drives in the country, honesty, surprises from the heart…” Her eyes closed as a moan surfaced.

“You see,” Jayce began, focusing on the spot that had Miri weak. “Happiness lives in whatever makes you smile and if tapped into properly, it can be for a lifetime. Does your man make you happy?”

She gasped, gripping the armrests. “I don’t have a man. That feels…so good.”

Jayce was enjoying the phases of vulnerability Miri revealed. He elevated her foot and placed it on his chest. “I find it difficult to believe there’s no man in your life.” He slid the pant leg up and rubbed her calf. “I can feel the definition in your leg…strong, bold, and protective…all good qualities but a good man can compliment them too.”

You can volunteer that option anytime you’re ready, Miri thought, writhing in joy from his touch. “I’d like that, Major but— ”

“Jayce,” he interrupted, applying a little pressure to her leg. “Look at me and say my name.”

Miri slowly looked up at the handsome man. His soft brown eyes held compassion; he was easy to read. She licked her lipstick-stained lips and swallowed hard.

J ayce prodded, “I need to hear you say it, Miriyanda. You were painfully shy so many years ago when you tutored me in English. This is not that, beautiful lady. Please, satisfy my ego and say my name.” He took it a step further by lifting her leg in the air and kissing her ankle. “I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.”

The heat of his lips upon her body was enough reason to scream. Miri couldn’t fathom any other man turning her on in such a way. Her silence did nothing more than stoke his desire needing to be fulfilled. Miri’s lips trembled, remembering the attraction they shared so many years ago. In his father’s study, the library, her bedroom, where they almost experienced their first kiss—an interruption from Dentshay ruined the moment.

“Jayce,” she spoke softly.

“Again,” he pleaded, setting her foot down. “Say it once more.”

Miri repeated herself, this time with a bit more passion. “Jayce.”

“That’s like music to my ears,” he said, gathering her into his arms. “Miriyanda…”

“Kiss me, Jayce,” she said in a tone so desperate that he couldn’t refuse. “I want you to kiss me.”

Without saying another word, Jayce slid his hands into Miri’s hair and drew her mouth to his. He angled his head just so to ensure their alignment was perfect. She closed her eyes; he kept his open as his lips touched hers for the very first time.

“Miriyanda,” he said against her soft lips.

“Jayce,” she spoke back, reveling in his movement.

The moment had finally come to fruition. Within seconds of their union, five blips appeared upon the monitors. Their cell phones rang simultaneously, ending their newfound bond.

Jayce caught the blips and gently pulled away from Miri. “Only because we’ve made progress, the war wants to become real,” he remarked, zooming in on the activity.

So...what'd you think? If you'd like more on this story and two other amazing ones, download the anthology that gives back to the community today:

Good luck!

Stay Exposed,

Loretta R. Walls

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